General Government Acronyms & Abbreviations

ACO – Administrative Contract Officer
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ARO – After Receiving Order
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
BOA – Basis of Award
BPA – Blanket Purchase Agreement
CAGE – Commercial And Government Entity Code
CBD – Commerce Business Daily
CBL – Core Business Line
*CCR – Central Contractor Registry (now SAM)
CFR – Code of Federal Regulations
CICA – Competition In Contracting Act
CLIN – Contract Line Item Number
CMMC – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
CO – Contract Officer
COB – Close Of Business
CONUS – Continental United Sates
COR – Contract Officer’s Representative
COTR – Contract Officer’s Technical Representative
COTS – Commercial Off The Shelf
CSC – Customer Service Center
CSP – Commercial Sales Practice Format
CUI – Controlled Unclassified Information
D&B – Dun & Bradstreet
DFARS – Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DIB – Defense Industrial Base
DIG – Designated Industrial Group
DLA – Defense Logistics Agency
DOA – Date Of Award
DOD – Department of Defense
DSN – Defense Switched Network (telephone network)
DUNS – Data Universal Numbering System (D&B)
DVD – Direct Vendor Delivery
ECH – Electronics Clearing House
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
EIN – Employer Identification Number (=TIN)
EOE – Equal Opportunity Employer
EPA – Economic Price Adjustment
ESD – Estimated Shipping Date
FAIR – Federal Activities Inventory Reform
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulation
FFP – Firm Fixed Price
FISC – Fleet Industrial Supply Center
FOB – Freight On Board
FOB Destination – Price includes delivery
FOB Origin – Buyer pays price plus freight
FOIA – Freedom Of Information Act
FPDC – Federal Procurement Data Center
FSC – Federal Supply Classification
FSG – Federal Supply Group
FSS – Federal Supply Service
FTS – Federal Technology Service
G&A – General & Administrative
GAO – General Accounting Office
GBL – Government Bill of Lading
GFM – Government Furnished Material
GOCO – Government Owned Contractor Operated
GPC – Government Purchase Card
GSA – General Services Administration
GWAC – Government-Wide Acquisition Contract
HAZMAT – Hazardous Material
HUBZone – Historically Underutilized Business Zone
IAW – In Accordance With
IBR – Incorporated By Reference
IDIQ – Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
IFB – Invitation For Bid
IFF – Industrial Funding Fee
IMPAC – International Merchant Purchase Acquisition Card


INSP – Introduction of New Services/Products
IT – Information Technology
JWOD – Javits, Wagner, O’Day Act
LBO – Last Best Offer
LOC – Letter Of Commitment
LOCA – Lowest Overall Cost Alternative
MAS – Multiple Award Schedule
MFC – Most Favored Customer
MOB – Minority-Owned Business
MOBIS – Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services
MPN – Manufacturer’s Part Number
MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet
NAICS – North American Industrial Classification System
NECO – Navy Electronic Commerce Online
NIB – National Institute for the Blind
NISH – National Institute for the Severely Handicapped
NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLT – No Later Than
NPS – Non-Personal Services
NSN – National Stock Number
OMB – Office of Management and Budget
OSDBU – Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PBC – Performance-Based Contract
PBS – Public Buildings Service
PEA – Price Evaluation Adjustment
POC – Point Of Contact
PPE – Past Performance Evaluation
PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
PTAC – Procurement Technical Assistance Center
PTAP – Procurement Technical Assistance Program
PWS – Performance Work Statement
QPL – Qualified Product List
RFI – Request For Information
RFP / RFQ – Request For Proposal / Request For Quote
SADBUS – Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization Specialist
SAM – System for Award Management
SBA – Small Business Administration
SBIR – Small Business Innovative Research
SBLO – Small Business Liaison Officer
SDB – Small Disadvantaged Business
SDD – Scheduled Delivery Date
SF – Standard Form
SIC – Standard Industrial Classification
SIN – Special Item Number
SOS – Source Of Supply
SOW – Statement Of Work
SPORTS – Sports, Promotinal, Outdoor, Recreational, Trophies and Signs
T&C – Terms And Conditions
T&M – Time And Materials
TAPS – Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing
TIC – Targeted Industry Category
TIN – Tax Identification Number
TPA – Trading Partner Agreement
TPIN – Trading Partner Identification Number
UL – Underwriters Laboratories
UPC – Universal Product Code
UPS – United Parcel Service
URL – Universal Resource Locator (Web or email address)
USC – United States Code
USMCA – United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement
VA – Veterans Administration
VAMC – VA Medical Center
VAN – Value Added Network
VSC – Vendor Service Center
WOB – Woman-Owned Business
WOSB – Woman-Owned Small Business



Defense Logistics Agency Acronyms

AAC – Acquisition Advice Code
ADP – Automatic Data Processing
AFAO – Approved Force Acquisition Objective
AFM – Air Force Manual
AFMC – Air Force Materiel Command
AFR – Air Force Regulation
AMC – Air Mobility Command or Army Materiel Command
APOD – Aerial Port of Debarkation
APOE – Aerial Port of Embarkation
AR – Army Regulation
AUTODIN – Automatic Digital Network
CAGE – Commercial and Government Entity Code
CASKO – Component, Assembly, Set, Kit and Outfit
CBU – Commodity Business Unit
CIC – Content Indicator Code
CIRS – Contractor Inventory Redistribution System
CIT – Consumable Item Transfer
CMRP – Critical Maintenance Repair Program
COMRI – Communications Routing Indicator
CONUS – Continental United States
COPAD – Contractor Operated Parts Depot
CR – Country Representative
DAAS – Defense Automatic Addressing System
DAASC – Defense Automatic Addressing System Center
DAASO – Defense Automatic Addressing System Office
DAFIS – Departmental Accounting Financila Information System
DAISY – DRMS Automated Information System
DAMES – DAAS Automated Message Exchange System
DBR – Detail Billing Record
DCSC – Defense Construction Supply Center (S9C) (name change: see DSCC)
DDAA – Defense Distribution Depot Anniston, AL
DDAG – Defense Distribution Depot Albany, GA
DDBC – Defense Distribution Depot Barstow, CA
DDCN – Defense Distribution Depot Cherry Point, NC
DDCO – Defense Distribution Depot Columbus, OH
DDCS – Defense Distribution Depot Charleston, SC
DDCT – Defense Distribution Depot Corpus Christi, TX
DDDC – Defense Distribution Depot San Diego, CA
DDJC – Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, CA
Sharpe Facility
Tracy Facility
DDJF – Defense Distribution Depot Jacksonville, FL
DDLP – Defense Distribution Depot Letterkenny, PA
DDMC – Defense Distribution Depot McClellan, CA
DDMT – Defense Distribution Depot Memphis, TX
DDN – Defense Digital Network
DDNV – Defense Distribution Depot Norfolk, VA
DDOC – Defense Distribution Depot Oakland, CA
DDOO – Defense Distribution Depot Oklahoma City, OK
DDOU – Defense Distribution Depot Ogden, UT
Ogden Facility
Hill Facility
Tooele Facility
DDPF – Defense Distribution Depot Pensacola, FL
DDPW – Defense Distribution Depot Puget Sound, WA
DDRE – Defense Distribution Region East, New Cumberland, PA
DDRT – Defense Distribution Depot Red River, TX
DDRW – Defense Distribution Region West, Stockton, CA
DDRV – Defense Distribution Depot Richmond, VA
DDSP – Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna, PA
Mechanicsburg Facility
New Cumberland Facility
DDST – Defense Distribution Depot San Antonio, TX
DDTP – Defense Distribution Depot Tobyhanna, PA
DDWG – Defense Distribution Depot Warner Robbins, GA
DD Form – Department of Defense Form
DEPRA – Defense Program for Redistribution of Assets
DESC – Defense Energy Support Center
DESEX – Defense Emergency Supply Expert System
DFSP – Defense Fuel Supply Point
DI – Document Identifier
DIC – Document Identifier Code
DICOMSS – Direct Commissary Support System
DIDS – Defense Integrated Data System
DIP – Discounted Item Program
DISC – Defense Industrial Supply Center (S9I)
DIPEC – Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
DGSC – Defense General Supply Center (S9G) (name change: see DSCR)
DLA – Defense Logistics Agency
DLAR – Defense Logistics Agency Regulation
DLIS – Defense Logistics Information Service
DLSS – Defense Logistics Standard Systems
DNA – Defense Nuclear Agency
DNSC – Defense National Stockpile Center
DoD – Department of Defense
DODAAC – Department of Defense Activity Address Code
DODAAD – Department of Defense Activity Address Directory
DODDS – Department of Defense Dependent Schools
DOE – Department of Energy
DPA – Defense Production Act
DRC – Disposal Release Confirmation
DRD – Disposal Release Denial
DRMO – Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office
DRMR-E – Defense Reutilization and Marketing Region Europe
DRMS – Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service
DRO – Disposal Release Order
DSC – Defense Supply Center
DSCC – Defense Supply Center Columbus (S9C) (formerly DCSC)
DSCP – Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (S9P)
DSCR – Defense Supply Center Richmond (S9G) (formerly DGSC)
DSDC – DLA Systems Design Center
DSN – Defense Switched Network
DSO – Defense Subsistence Office
DSR – Defense Subsistence Region
DTID – Disposal Turn-In Document
DTS – Defense Transportation System
DVD – Direct Vendor Delivery
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EMACS – Equipment Management and Control System
EPPL – Excess Personnel Property List
ESD – Estimated Shipping Date
ESOC – Emergency Supply Operations Center
EVD – Enhanced Vendor Delivery
FAALC – Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center



FAD – Force Activity Designator
FED LOG – Federal Logistics Data on Compact Disk
FEDSTRIP – Federal Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
FF – Freight Forwarder
FF&V – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
FILDR – Federal Item Logistics Data Record
FMS – Foreign Military Sales
FPMR – Federal Property Management Regulation
FSC – Federal Supply Class
FSE – Food Service Equipment
FSG – Federal Supply Group
GBL – Government Bill of Lading
GFM – Government Furnished Material
GMT – Greenwich Mean Time
GOCO – Government-Owned Contractor Operated
GSA – General Services Administration (GSA)
HMIS – Hazardous Material Information System
ICP – Inventory Control Point
IL – Identification List
ILCO – International Logistics Control Office
ILP – International Logistics Program
IMM – Integrated Materiel Manager
IPE – Industrial Plant Equipment
IPG – Issue Priority Group
IPU – Integrated Process Unit
IRPOD – Individual Repair Parts Ordering Data
I&S – Interchangeable/Substitute
IRIS – Interrogation Requirements Information System
ISSP – Interservice Supply Support Procedures
JCS – Joint Chiefs of Staff
LASE – Logistics Asset Support Estimate
LINK – Logistics Information Network
LIPS – Logistics Information Processing System
LMP – Lumber, Millwork and Plywood
LOGRUN – Logistics Remote Users Network
MAP – Military Assistance Plan
MASF – Military Assistance Service Funded
MCA – Management Control Activity
MCRL – Master Cross-Reference List
MCO – Marine Corps Order
MILSBILLS – Military Standard Billing System
MILSCAP – Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures
MILSPETS – Military Standard Petroleum System
MILSTAMP – Military Supply Transportation and Movement Procedures
MILSTEP – Military Supply and Transportation Evaluation Procedures
MILSTD – Military Standards
MILSTRAP – Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures
MILSTRIP – Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
MIPR – Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
ML-C – Management Data List – Consolidated
MOV – Materiel Obligation Validation
MRC – Materiel Release Confirmation
MRD – Materiel Release Denial
MRO – Materiel Release Order
MRP – Materiel Returns Program
MRQ – Maximum Release Quantity
MSC – Military Sealift Command
M&S – Media and Status
MTMC – Military Traffic Management Command
MTMR – Military Traffic Management Regulation
NAVSUPINST – Naval Supply Instruction
NIIN – National Item Identification Number
NIMSC – Nonconsumable Item Materiel Support Code
NMCS – Not Mission Capable Supply
NOA – Notice of Availability
NSN – National Stock Number
NSO – National Sales Office
OCONUS – Outside Continental United States
ODS – Ozone Depleting Substances
PCH&T – Packing, Crating, Handling and Transportation
PD – Priority Designator
PICA – Primary Inventory Control Activity
PMRC – Pre-positioned Materiel Receipt Card
POC – Point of Contact
POD – Port of Debarkation
POE – Port of Embarkation
POPS – Paperless Order Placement System
PQDR – Product Quality Deficiency Report
PWRMS – Pre-positioned War Reserve Materiel Stock
QDR – Quality Deficiency Report
QPL – Quality Products List
QSL – Quality Status List
QUP – Quality Unit Pack
RAD – Required Availability Date
RCN – Record Control Number
RDD – Required Delivery Date
RDP – Required Delivery Period
RFI – Request for Information
RIC – Routing Identifier Code
ROD – Report of Discrepancy
RP – Record Position
RRR – Resource Recovery and Recycling Program
SA – Storage Activity
SAMMSTEL – Standard Automatic Materiel Management Telecommunication System
SAP – Security Assistance Program
SBR – Summary Billing Record
SDD – Scheduled Delivery Date
SF – Standard Form
SICA – Secondary Inventory Control Activity
SOS – Source of Supply
SPR – Special Program Requirement
SSC – Supply Status Code
SSR – Supply Support Request
TCMD – Transportation Control & Movement Document/Data
TCN – Transportation Control Number
TDR – Transportation Discrepancy Report
TFG – Terminal Facilities Guide
TIR – Total Item Record
UMMIPS – Uniform Materiel Movement and Issue Priority System
UPS – United Parcel Service
WCA – Water Clearance Authority
WPOD – Water Port of Debarkation
WPOE – Water Port of Embarkation
WSSP – Weapons Systems Support Program